Welcome to KN Demolition

We specialize in - 
Site Clearing From 1/4 of an Acre to 100+ Acres. (That includes, any kind of Trees/Trash/Building/House/Concrete, Basically anything you need done, that requires our heavy equipment.) 
Building Pads Leveling and Grading 
Concrete Removal 
Building, House Removal 
Large Tree Removal 
Land Leveling and Grading 
Bulldozer Disk operating 
Detention Pond, Retention Ponds, digging, Shaping, Leveling, Grading 
Construction site underground digging, (Storm Drainage etc etc) 
Heavy Equipment Hauling 

You Need It, We Can Do It!

As the Owner of KNDemolition, I have always wanted to put a smile on my customers face, rest assure them that they have received competitive pricing and the best quality work that we offer on each job that we do. I've seen quite a bit, been doing Demolition since I was 13 years old with my father, we started a business together and since I have started my own company also. While my father business is very successful I always envisioned putting my own name on my own work and saying that I did that, putting a smile on a customer's face and standing by my work when the job is completed and sleeping at night knowing the next day I get to do it all over again because it's what I love to do.

We can do anything you need done and if we can't do it then we know someone who can! Give us a call today!  We can help!

Business Hours: Monday - Saturday.7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Office: 832-250-0714

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